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Getting the first job

‘What are your positive qualities?’ he asked. I just smiled and thought to myself, “My all qualities are positive, huh”. But can never say that because he is my interviewer, he will give me job if I can impress him. I said, “I am very fast learner, very good team player and my biggest strength is my patience”.  “Very good” the gentleman said. I thought he will ask me more about this but from his eyes I could realize that he was hardly bothered about my response and stared at me to shoot another question. “What do you think are your negative qualities?” he questioned. “hmm…” I made a sound unintentionally. He immediately questioned, “You don’t have any”. My past 40+ interviews have taught me to answer this question wisely. “I forget about anything else when I am working and I can’t leave anything unfinished” , these will prove that I am a hard worker, I concentrate a lot at my work and I am committed. As usual he asked, “Why do you think these are bad qualities”, I responded in no time, “It is important to spent time with family and friends, maintaining a work life balance, but I lack that quality”. Not sure if I reminded him about anything that he promised he will do for his wife or not, but he quickly changed the topic. He asked “How much salary are you expecting”, I know answering that is of no use. If I say something more they will not give me rather they may reject me thinking my expectations are more. If I say less then they will immediately accept and I will loose. I said “I am not very much keen on salary rather I am keen on good quality work and work environment”. I could realize that he was impressed by this answer. But he immediately responded “So, what if we tell you to work for free” and laughed loudly. I was relieved to know that this was a joke and I laughed to give him company and stood up thinking interview is over. But in few seconds I realized that he was sitting and was surprised to see me standing. I was not sure what to do. He thought for few more seconds and said “Okay Sakti, It was nice meeting you, we will get back to you soon”. “Ohh no”, I thought. ‘Get back to you’ means rejection. I started thinking where did it go wrong and finally I concluded that, standing up in the middle of the  interview may be the reason. As usual I was sad 44th  time.

This was the HR interview which I failed. Before this I had appeared for the technical interview for this company last week. That interview was my one of the best interviews.

The previous night I had a ‘very late’ night party with all unemployed friends, financed by one employed friend. I woke up at 8:15 AM. I realized in few seconds of seeing the daylight that I am going to miss the interview. I have interview at 9:00 in ITPL which is somewhere in Bangalore. I do not know the address but I know it is very far. Got ready in few minutes and went to bus stop. 50% of Bangalore were there in that bus. It was crowded like ants on a small sugar cube. I somehow caught one rod of the bus and I entered my feet, as the bus started moving I gradually pushed my body. By the time it was near to the destination, I was completed inside the bus and standing on my two foots.

Got down from the bus, ran to the office. Went into the lift. I was shocked. Such a big lift which can accommodate 16 people, there are mirrors every where and it was smelling so good inside. I had never seen such a beautiful lift till that day. Went in to the office and I saw a beautiful lady sitting in the front desk. I ensured that my dress is proper. She was busy doing her work. I said “Excuse me, I am Sakti. I have come here for the interview”. She looked at me. She looked at the wall clock and again she looked at me. Interview was at 9:00 AM and now it is 10:00 AM. “I am sorry, I am new to this town and I did not know how to come here” I replied. She did not take it longer and took me into the office. There were flower pots every where. Nice big cubicles and very nice interior. She took me to one room where I saw so many people are sitting. I went and sat there. One lady there asked “C, C++ or Java?”. I said “Yes” thinking that she is telling me the languages I know. “I am asking, Which paper you want to give?”, I said “hmmm C++”. Then she gave me a paper with some questions. I answered all and gave her the paper back. Then she asked “Do you want to give any other paper as well”, I said “Java”. She gave me Java paper which I completed in no time. Then I voluntarily asked “C”. She said “No need, enough”. I kept quiet and suddenly I realized that nature’s call is taking my concentration away. Yesterdays beer party had effect still. I asked her “where is the Loo?’”. She took me to the rest room door. Then I went inside and loved the beautiful loo there. After finishing I washed my face and realized that alcohol smell was still coming when I was talking. I tried to gargle but was coming from within which I hardly have any control. As soon as I went back, I was called for technical round of interview. One nice gentleman and beautiful lady were sitting in a small room. I went inside and said “Good Morning” and they greeted me back and I immediately realized that the alcohol smell is filled in that room. But did not see them reacting. I sat down and decided not to talk much. They asked questions and I answered but in few words or mostly by diagrams or writing code on the paper that was there in front of me. There was a bowl of ‘polo’ (mint) in that table. I was thinking of taking few and munching so that it can suppress the alcohol smell but did not dare to do so.  Somehow finished the interview and went back to my friends.

Now after the failure of HR interview, I was very upset.I was not able to have food or feeling like talking to anybody. I thought I will go back to my home town and prepare for engineering service. may be I am not good for software industry.

But you will not believe they gave me my first job.


Pink and Purple

Smiling Beauty

My name is Hiya, Hiya Bagchi. I am 4 years old. I love pink and purple colors very much. I like dresses which have flowers in it. My father say’s my cheeks are pink in color and I have sparkling eyes. I know this means I am a good girl. I am the first child of my parents and I have a younger brother. His name is Navneel Bagchi. He is still small so he sometimes does bad things like snatching whatever I am playing with or hitting me while playing. If I behave well then my hair will grow till my waist. This is what my father has told me. Everybody around me should only love me and I am very beautiful. But still, I do not know why my father sometimes shouts at me. Stops me from doing things that I like.

I was born on 10th November, 2006 at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. You know I was very small. I used to cry like ‘uann uannn’ when hungry. I did not know how to talk (Because I was small). I was very brave. I was never scared of anything, now I get scared but not that much. We left Bangalore in 2007 as my father took a job at Vadodara, Gujarat.

Then we came to Vadodara. ‘Samrajya Society’. When we came here there were so many kids. There was a beautiful park in front of my house. My parents got one perambulator for me. I had many toys. Many kids used to come to my house and ask ‘Naam kee’ (What’s your Name’. I used to say ‘Hiya’.

Then my first Birthday was celebrated in our house. There was a Puja at my house. Most importantly my Maternal Grandfather and My mother’s uncle came. They bought a tri-cycle for me. I loved that so much. Janu, Manu, Ritu and Riti didi came to my house. We all ate cake. My mother prepared nice food for us. We danced as my father played a song. I was not able to climb stairs then but I never failed to try when I got a opportunity.

I used to play with Riti Didi. She was staying near my house. We used to play a lot. My paternal grand parents came to stay with us after few months. I call my paternal grand mother as ‘Tota’. After couple of months my mother got me my brother. He was very small. I became an elder sister. One thing I did not like is, he was sleeping next to my mother. My mother used to spend a lot of time with him. My mother’s lap was always occupied by him. Then I complained. My father and Tota told me that, he is very small thats why. I complained “I am also very small”. But simehow I got involved in many activities. Being said all that I still loved my younger brother a lot. He was not able to call me ‘Didi’ at that time. He was not able to talk at all. He was small that’s why. Then we went to my maternal grand parent’s house. I call my maternal grand mother as ‘Gudunu’ and my maternal grand father as ‘Kelele’. I have distint name for all, you see.

After returning to Vadodara. I joined ‘EuroKids’ school. I loved the school for first few days but then I was scared to go to school as I was not a ble to understand what they were saying. My father used to take me in bike to school. We used to chase and try to over take other vehicles in front of us. That way we used to reach school and then when I used to see my teacher and school, I used to cry. Gradually I started liking the school. I had done a ‘Monkey’ dance in school annual day. I was looking very pretty. Again after summer vacation in 2009, my father started taking me to another school. It is “Busy Bees”. I loved that scholl a lot. My favorite teachers are there “Tetal” and “Palam” teachers. My parents pronounce there name wrong. They say “Tejal” and “Palak”. But I know I am right. We had lots of fun there.

During summer we went to Tirupati temple. This was a very long pending wish that my parents had. They wished to visit lord balaji before I came to this world.

I had been to Bangalore once in 2009 when we went to Tirupati temple to offer prayers to lord Balaji. One uncle tonsured my head before visiting the temple, I do not know why but I enjoyed that. My brother (whom I call as Babu) cried but I did not cry because I am a good girl.

I am now studying in Navrachana school. My class in Nursery F. My teacher’s name is ‘Priya’ ma`m. Now I have many close friends in school and near my house. In between we were staying in a different house at ‘Amee Society’. I did not like that place as there were no friends. But I love the society where we live now. I have so many friends and there is a beautiful part where I can play with ‘Reejo’ my best friend. I cry a lot, thats what my parents tell me. But what to do, I can not control tears. They just come. But I am stonger than others because I eat everything that my mother gives. Except when I do not like the food much.